MINNEAPOLIS — During peak holiday season, it shouldn't be shocking to anyone that carriers are slammed. 

But we started noticing posts on social media from across the Twin Cities talking about really long delays. 

"Never before have we had delays like this," said Annie Wygant, who lives in Elko New Market. 

Wygant says she buys things from Amazon all the time - holidays included. But this season has been different. 

She says she ordered three packages around Thanksgiving with an estimated delivery date of Dec. 5. One of the packages arrived Tuesday, Dec. 10. She says she is still waiting on the other two. 

"We understand it's a busy time, but every day it says out for delivery and then nothing shows up," she said. "It just goes back to the facility in Eagan."

We reached out to Wygant's carrier - UPS. They said in addition to weather delays, they see about 60-percent more volume between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This season, they say, has been a record. 

Spokespeople for the postal service in Minneapolis say online shopping sales have added significantly to their load, with carriers working well past dark to make deliveries, sometimes as late as 9 p.m.

"Every year we grow. Every year we have more packages," said Sarah Schultz, Customer Relations Coordinator for the Minneapolis Postmaster's Office. "We actually deliver most of Amazon's larger parcels. So most people are ordering their toilet paper, their dog food online now and we're delivering that. So it's going to take us a little bit longer, because we don't have the smaller packages like we're used to."

Wygant's not mad, neither are many others on social media applauding their carriers for working long hours. 

They're just hopeful to get their packages soon. 

"Yep. Cross my fingers and hope that things show up," Wygant said. 

USPS asks that people clear the sidewalks and porch steps to make it easier for carriers to deliver. 

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