MINNESOTA, USA — When it gets this cold, James Joos of Green Isle will find a way to do what he loves.

"The ice. The fish," said Joos as he heads out onto Seton Lake near Mound. "Usually freezes over first a lot on the bays."

Just to make sure, he double checks the ice thickness.

"About 8 inches here," said Joos. 

Despite James' confidence to venture out, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office isn't as convinced.

"When you look at the ice you think it's initially safe once you start walking on it. That can change very rapidly and change in just a matter of feet," said Lt. Shane Magnuson with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office. 

He says he would not recommend people go out on the ice. Especially after recent reports of people and equipment falling through.

"Certainly shouldn't be putting ice houses or four wheelers or snowmobiles," said Magnuson.

He says the ice isn't consistent right now. He says if you do go out on the ice, make sure to have a pick, rope, and somebody with you.

James was alone Tuesday, but he says he has all tools to keep himself safe.

"Always want to go home to my family at night," said Joos. 

The DNR says if you do go out on the ice check ice thickness every 150 feet. 

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